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Well hello Kennedy Rose! What a sweet little lady you are! I got the chance to photograph her parents while she was still in the belly. So fun to now come into their home and document the three of them together finally. It was very special to be a part of it all! Enjoy this little one…2014-02-12_00282014-02-12_00292014-02-12_00312014-02-12_00302014-02-12_00322014-02-12_00342014-02-12_00332014-02-12_00352014-02-12_00362014-02-12_00372014-02-12_00382014-02-12_00402014-02-12_00392014-02-12_0041


Seriously sweet Miss Hannah. As I write this she is probably a few months old! Finally getting caught up and excited to finally show these images. Such a gorgeous little cuddly lady! Loved my time with this awesome family as we discovered that we were oddly connected through a friends friend… what is that 5 degress of separation? Well however it worked to let me into this families lives I was happy from it! Enjoy this sweet girl…2014-02-12_00182014-02-12_00152014-02-12_00172014-02-12_00222014-02-12_00192014-02-12_00212014-02-12_00262014-02-12_00232014-02-12_00202014-02-12_00242014-02-12_00252014-02-12_0027

Beautiful Mama…

I had the pleasure of meeting these two on the day of their photo shoot. They made me laugh and want to hang out more!!! Such a wonderful couple. I was lucky enough to photograph their sweet baby girl as well… will be posting those photos soon! Enjoy these two gorgeous people on such a happy day…2014-02-12_00012014-02-12_00022014-02-12_00052014-02-12_00042014-02-12_00062014-02-12_00072014-02-12_00082014-02-12_00102014-02-12_00092014-02-12_00112014-02-12_00122014-02-12_00132014-02-12_0014


Emmett. This boy was a kick! I truly enjoy being able to document peoples lives and their kids as they grow older. There is so much that is told in a photo… enjoy these ones… Emmett will make you smile, I promise.2014-02-07_00062014-02-07_00072014-02-07_00082014-02-07_00092014-02-07_00112014-02-07_00102014-02-07_00122014-02-07_00172014-02-07_00132014-02-07_00152014-02-07_00142014-02-07_00162014-02-07_00182014-02-07_0019

This crew…

This beautiful woman below has been in my life since the first day I was born. Ten years my senior, Amy was my next door neighbor when I was born. She was my first babysitter, the coolest teenager I knew, and has become a third sister to me. Every Christmas is spent with her and her fam and most of my birthdays growing up had Amy sitting at the dinner table with us. Love her! I kind of love Jake too…. ok I do! All these four bring so much to my life. I love that now I get to know these two goofy kids from the first day of their lives as well… Enjoy these moments with my friends!2014-01-20_00012014-01-20_00032014-01-20_00022014-01-20_00042014-01-20_00052014-01-20_00062014-01-20_00072014-01-20_00082014-01-20_00092014-01-20_00102014-01-20_00112014-01-20_00122014-01-20_00132014-01-20_00142014-01-20_00152014-01-20_00162014-01-20_00172014-01-20_00182014-01-20_00192014-01-20_00202014-01-20_00212014-01-20_0022