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The H Family

Oh, this sweet family! Since this session I have gotten the chance to photograph that little bump in Melissa’s belly and got to see them this weekend for a studio mini shoot. Three little girls with HUGE personalities! They keep me on my toes and crack me up. Enjoy this great family!2014-04-24_00012014-04-24_00022014-04-24_00032014-04-24_00042014-04-24_00052014-04-24_00062014-04-24_00072014-04-24_00082014-04-24_00092014-04-24_00102014-04-24_00112014-04-24_00122014-04-24_00132014-04-24_0014

The L Family

There is truly never a dull moment with this beautiful family! And I definitely got my workout in while running around snapping pics of these cute kids. After sessions with large families I have a new level of respect for parents! I always think, how do they do it all?? They are an incredible, fun, down to earth family. And if you are lucky enough to hang out with them for a bit you will see when I mean. Enjoy the photos!2014-04-23_00052014-04-23_00062014-04-23_00152014-04-23_00212014-04-23_00242014-04-23_00252014-04-23_00272014-04-23_00292014-04-23_00302014-04-23_00312014-04-23_00322014-04-23_00332014-04-23_00342014-04-23_00362014-04-23_00372014-04-23_00382014-04-23_00402014-04-23_00412014-04-23_00422014-04-23_00432014-04-23_00442014-04-23_0045

The S Family

Remember Evie and her beautiful mama? I took their photos when Evie was just 6 months old… in these photos she is 6 months older and so so funny! I personally love her hair. Like a little chick! These are adventurous friends of mine- spending the first year of Evie’s life living abroad in London. I wonder if Evie has an English accent now? 😉 Enjoy!2014-04-22_00012014-04-22_00022014-04-22_00032014-04-22_00042014-04-22_00052014-04-22_00062014-04-22_00072014-04-22_00082014-04-22_00092014-04-22_00112014-04-22_00132014-04-22_00142014-04-22_00152014-04-22_00162014-04-22_0017

The M Fam.

Do you have people in your life that you think…. how do they do it all??? That is this family. These friends of ours are simple amazing. They have three kids, busy lives and still make friends a top priority. I have no excuses to not call people back when there are friends like this in the world. When you step into their house you are invited to play tea party with Cheyenne, ball with Caleb, or just some silly game that was recently discovered. We always leave their house happy and thankful for our great friends. Enjoy this goof troop!2014-02-12_00452014-02-12_00482014-02-12_00462014-02-12_00492014-02-12_00502014-02-12_00512014-02-12_00522014-02-12_0053×,ý øƒ2NÙl2014-02-12_00562014-02-12_00552014-02-12_00582014-02-12_00572014-02-12_00592014-02-12_00602014-02-12_00612014-02-12_00622014-02-12_00632014-02-12_00642014-02-12_00652014-02-12_0066


Well hello Kennedy Rose! What a sweet little lady you are! I got the chance to photograph her parents while she was still in the belly. So fun to now come into their home and document the three of them together finally. It was very special to be a part of it all! Enjoy this little one…2014-02-12_00282014-02-12_00292014-02-12_00312014-02-12_00302014-02-12_00322014-02-12_00342014-02-12_00332014-02-12_00352014-02-12_00362014-02-12_00372014-02-12_00382014-02-12_00402014-02-12_00392014-02-12_0041