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Easter Shenanigans

Two weekends ago was Easter and I couldn’t imagine having a better one. Mass amounts of yummy home cooking was consumed, 20 family and friends gathered together, 1 pellet gun, lots of bugs, bocce ball and a well hinged trampoline was involved at some point. The day culminated in a battle of the wits between a 28  and a 3 year old. What could be better?


Mama and son love

Beautiful Brittany

Caden making sure that Micah knows that he is only allowed to play with his dad!

Cousin pileup

Soaking in his victory

Micah scored his first car! Happiest day of his 3 year old life.

The shooting begins!

 Issac and his bugs!

The Crew.

Cousins, cousins, cousins.

“Hmmm Issac, such fantastic faces while jumping so high???”

Issac plotting out his next move

Oh hello cute boy!

This biggest kid of them all…. Jeff

Favorite picture of Caden

It’s been a long time since Josh was on the monkey bars! Look at Issacs face!

Posing before their jump off…

Taylor might of sorta face planted on this one…

And last but not least… me! My excitement on the trampoline couldn’t be contained:)

An afternoon with Preston McIntire, aka “Cheeto”

Let me tell you, I LOVE this kid. He is great. He is a little ball of joy, laughter and a little bit of chunk to top it all off. He will make you smile from ear to ear! I was beyond excited when my friends Becky and Kevin asked me to take pictures of their youngest, Preston, for his 1st birthday. He has been such a trooper in his first year of life- with a few trips to the hospital -Becky and I found it only fitting that he would be wearing a Superman cape in some of his 1st year pictures.

Kent Clark anyone?

And the name Cheeto? Well, its been adapted, passed down and garbled (think of the game telephone) from Preston’s siblings, Caleb and Cheyenne. This family has spunk. Lots of it. If you are lucky enough to spend some time with high school sweethearts Becky and Kevin and their troop of 3, I guarantee you will leave feeling very entertained, and knowing you were just amidst a very real family, full of lots of love.

Happy 1st Birthday Preston!