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This crew…

This beautiful woman below has been in my life since the first day I was born. Ten years my senior, Amy was my next door neighbor when I was born. She was my first babysitter, the coolest teenager I knew, and has become a third sister to me. Every Christmas is spent with her and her fam and most of my birthdays growing up had Amy sitting at the dinner table with us. Love her! I kind of love Jake too…. ok I do! All these four bring so much to my life. I love that now I get to know these two goofy kids from the first day of their lives as well… Enjoy these moments with my friends!2014-01-20_00012014-01-20_00032014-01-20_00022014-01-20_00042014-01-20_00052014-01-20_00062014-01-20_00072014-01-20_00082014-01-20_00092014-01-20_00102014-01-20_00112014-01-20_00122014-01-20_00132014-01-20_00142014-01-20_00152014-01-20_00162014-01-20_00172014-01-20_00182014-01-20_00192014-01-20_00202014-01-20_00212014-01-20_0022

The O Family

Such an awesome family! I love that Andrew busted out his violin and played during the session too… so cool! Their charm and class match their warm hearts. Enjoy the photos…

Zoe Jade

This precious girl holds a special place in my heart. I have known her mom since I was close to 10 years old and have seen so much of her life unfold since then. Her mom is someone that I can only HOPE to be like when I am a mother myself. She is fun and as real as it gets. Zoe, you are going to be the most protected little sister of Zach and the most prized little girl of your mom and dad. We love you!!!

Baby Liam

It was such an honor to photograph this new life. Sara and I have been friends few a few years now and I was so excited when she asked me to be their photographer during the pregnancy and once Liam came along! He is an incredible little guy and I don’t think I heard a peep out of him until the very end! I knew Sara was going to be an amazing mom just by the look in her eyes when she talked about Liam when she first told me the news. Pretty fun to see her and Kris work as a team and be the best parents possible to this little guy.


These two both went to Santa Clara, but it wasn’t until they came back for an alumni event that they met and hit it off. Lovebirds! Had a great time with this couple. Can’t believe their Washington wedding is almost here:)