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Evie girl. The daughter of my sweet friend Thao who boarded a plane in her third trimester, to move to London with her husband. Adventurous much? This beautiful girls life has been stocked full of adventure before she even knew it. Thao and I met at a leaders training meeting for an amazing organization called Girls for a Change. We actually sat right next to each other and made a little bit of small talk through out the day… I thought, I like this girl! Little did we know, our names were already matched on a piece of paper before we even walked in the room. We were embarking on quite the endeavor…Co-coaching a group of awesome girls from some very difficult circumstances. We felt like fish out of water for the first few weeks. I mean, these girls, who had seen more, and gone through more than we probably ever will in a lifetime, were looking to US as their coaches. What were we to teach them??? But we made connections… they taught us so much… and we listened.

All of that is the prelude. Evie was just a twinkle in Thao’s eye at the time. Greg and her werent engaged yet. No idea that she would be getting married within a year in Mexico and then traveling to London, belly swollen with this beautiful girl. Life happens. And it has been so much fun to watch all of it unravel and be in the midst of it for my co coach and dear friend. So, Evie. She is beautiful and full of life. She is so alert. She feels like an old soul, just like her mama. All this to say, it was so so fun getting to take Evie’s 6 month pictures when they were in town. And it was the first time I got to meet this spunky little lady! Enjoy Miss Evie and her beautiful mama.

May 15, 2013 - 10:31 pm

Thao - Aw! I love it! Thanks so much!

Welcome to the world Quentin Conrad

Documenting the start of this little life was a real treat. He happens to be the newest grandson to my mom’s best friend. Quentin is also the baby brother to Maddox- a goofy 3 year old handsome guy, the son to two incredible parents and the grandson to the coolest grandparents around. What a lucky duck to be born into this family!  I could sit around and hold and smell this new baby with his new baby smell all day long! Enjoy the photos!

The Liddles

I had so much fun with this crew at Stanford University a couple weeks ago. Talk about a family with lots of personality! I have gotten to know Jane (the beautiful blonde mama) a little better over the past year or so because she is the worship pastor at my church. She is quite the rocker! She has such a powerful voice and is such an encouragement to me through her music. We all had a lot of laughs through out our session. This family is goofy, fun… and crazy. They all charged me unexpectedly at one point when I was taking their picture, Haha! So wacky and fun. They even set up a giant slip and slide on their property in the Santa Cruz mountains in the summer… just for fun. I love it. Jane and George decided they wanted their session to be at Stanford University since that’s where they said “I do” and since multiple family members graduated from Stanford. I was all in. The grandiose of Stanford blows me away every time I go there. Couple that with a family who started their journey in that place, and you have an incredible session.  Enjoy the photos!


Narie and Ryan are like two peas in a pod. This couple is so fun and goofy together- they are a couple you would choose to spend your time with. We got to walk around the amazing Radonich ranch and get to know each other. I learned about their french bulldog, Geoffrey, who knows how to blow out his own birthday candles…the fact that they are planning an incredible wedding in Oahu, and that although they dated long distance for over a year, they didn’t go more than 10 days without seeing each other. They definitely like each other. Ryan and Narie wanted a more rustic, ranch style themed engagement session since they are having a very tropical, island wedding in Oahu. So here ya go- enjoy the ranch and these two!

Nico … 9 months old!

Cuteness alert! Nico is 9 months old, and I can’t believe it. Like always, I love getting to take this little guys photos. He is funny, playful and so stinking cute…. that might be why Pottery Barn Kids choose him to be one of their baby models!!! Not hard to believe, that is for sure!